Crosshill Landfill Leachate Treatment Plant : Project Updates


Colloide was engaged by Eastwood Envirowaste Ltd to oversee the installation and commissioning of a new Leachate Treatment plant at Crosshill Landfill in Crumlin, Northern Ireland.

The treatment system was designed to handle a daily leachate flow of 25-27m3, sourced from the landfill site’s various cells.

This collaboration between Colloide and Eastwood Envirowaste Ltd underscores their dedication to sustainable waste management. Through efficient leachate treatment using biological processes, the project aims to meet the rigorous standards set by NIEA and NI Water, with a strong emphasis on environmental protection.

Production and Design

Commencing the Landfill Leachate Treament Plant project demonstrates outstanding accomplishments in both production and design. Through the combined efforts of Colloide and Eastwood Envirowaste Ltd. The Treatment Plant has undergone meticulous development, meeting strict industry standards. Within Colloide, our collaboration with Colloide Site Services (CSS) empowers us to prefabricate equipment off-site, significantly diminishing on-site construction time on the facilities, thereby enhancing the efficiency of the installation process.

Crosshill Landfill - leachate Treatment - Colloide Engineering - Production


The installation of the Leachate plant and its accompanying equipment was executed seamlessly, marking a significant milestone in the project. Colloide worked closely with the Local Authority to address traffic management concerns, ensuring minimal disruption to the surrounding areas. These discussions encompassed not only the Client’s needs but also included local businesses and residents who might be affected by transportation logistics, thus ensuring a well-coordinated and efficient process.

Crosshill Landfill - leachate Treatment - Colloide Engineering - Installation

Testing and Commissioning

The successful commissioning of the landfill leachate treatment plant was achieved through comprehensive testing and demonstration of the Works, ensuring compliance with Health and Safety Legislation, Consents and manufacturers’ requirements. The Contractor also conducted training for the designated staff members in plant operation and maintenance. This stage required a minimum of 12 weeks of operation proving period to meet the Performance Guarantee set out prior to the being of the works.

Crosshill Landfill - leachate Treatment - Colloide Engineering - Installation

Why choose Colloide?

If you would like to speak with us about your landfill site, we can review a site-specific economic evaluation, treatment objectives, and provide a comparison of alternatives in order to identify the most appropriate method for leachate management on your site. Alternatively, check our full list of wastewater technologies. 

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