Kent County Council Zero Carbon, Dynamic Purchasing System

Colloide are pleased to announce that we have been selected as a potential supplier to Zero Carbon-Consult, Design and Install–Dynamic Purchasing System providers. This Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) has been created by LASER, a division of Kent County Council Commercial Services and provides a compliant procurement route for public bodies needing any range or mix of support to deliver their low or zero carbon aspirations.

The DPS is divided into 4 Lots. The Lots range from surveying, general consultancy, technology specific consultancy to actual install of Works projects.

  • Lot 1 Site survey and modelling
  • Lot 2 Energy/Sustainability management consultancy
  • Lot 3 Technological solutions consultancy
  • Lot 4 Technological solutions delivery

Colloide have been selected as a provider in the following Lots and Specialisms.

Lot 4 Specialisms:

1 heat pump systems air/water/absorption/ground source

2 district heating schemes

3 heat metering for district heating or any form of submetering

7 combined heat and power

8 battery storage standalone grid connected or behind the meter including microgrids

9 building management systems and discrete controls

10 biomass heating

12 anaerobic digestion and bio digester specification

15 site level Smart grid and local active network management technologies, for e.g., to integrate technologies such as solar PV, battery storage, EV charging and electrically powered heating on a local smart network.

Kent County Council are committed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from their own estate, operations and wholly owned traded services to net-zero by 2030. They are one of very few local authorities in the country to have achieved the International Standard for Environmental Management (ISO14001) and have held this standard since 2009. Check out their comprehensive Net Zero action plan.


Cllr Susan Carey


KCC’s Cabinet Member for Environment Susan Carey said, “Laser’s expertise and experience in providing energy to the public sector are second to none. This is just part of the support package available from Laser for public bodies working towards a zero-carbon future, alongside carbon footprinting, scenario modelling and frameworks to procure low-carbon products such as solar panels and LED lighting replacements.”

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