Alloa Wastewater Treatment Works

Colloide collaborated with Scottish Water and ESD as part of a capital maintenance project at Alloa Wastewater Treatment Works. The Primary Settlements Tanks 2 travelling scraper bridges were assessed by framework contractors and upgrades were required in order to bring them back to as built conditions. Similar condition and set up to the primary tanks, a proposed scope was arranged for the sites 2 Storm Tanks, with the replacement of the existing 2 travelling bridges.

Allow WwTW is designed for a PE of 60,000, treating flows up to 348 l/s from Alloa and the neighbouring areas of Clackmannan, Menstrie, and Tullibody.

Bridge Scraper Systems from Colloide are offered in a range of set ups. We cover design, manufacturing, and installation of mechanical and electrical systems.
We offer two circular tank alternatives: a rotating bridge with sludge and scum blades for efficient scraping and collection, and a fixed bridge with a central drive unit for similar functionality. For rectangular tanks, a chain and flight system with scraping booms is employed, moving material efficiently and facilitating collection either by a rotating sludge pipe or an adjustable weir in a collection channel. Our designs are durable for heavy-duty use, requiring minimal maintenance, and are easily adaptable to alternative features for treatment systems.

At Colloide, innovation is our driving force as we continue to pioneer cleaner, greener solutions.

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