A bright new brand identity


May 2023 marks a momentous time in the Colloide calendar. We officially launch and unveil our new company branding! Our new website will also be live soon.

For the past 21 years, our old brand has been an integral part of our identity and success. We are incredibly proud of what we have achieved, and we will always be grateful for its contribution to our company. As Colloide has grown and evolved, it was time for a look that better represented our core values and vision for the future. We have and always will be committed to a brighter tomorrow for people and the planet through sustainable engineering solutions.

This is an exciting moment for everyone at Colloide, a new chapter in our journey that is brighter than ever!

A special thanks go out to the team at DHD for all their help and support in creating our new branding. We have thoroughly enjoyed working on this project with the team.


Our Purpose, Mission & Vision

Our purpose is the fundamental reason the company exists. It’s the one thing that will never change, we’ll always remain committed to improving our world through the work we do. Improving our environment through sustainable engineering solutions is of the utmost importance.

Our mission is what we do day in and day out. We deliver innovative, high quality and sustainable engineering solutions, supported by outstanding customer service and superior technical expertise.

Our Vision is shared by the entire company. It has no expiration date. It demands continual progress to make each day better than the previous. We are committed to engineering a brighter tomorrow for people and planet. We intend to track our progress by looking at two indicators, our stakeholder engagement and environmental impacts.


Brand & Logo Rational 

We have seen substantial growth and change since the company’s inception in 2002. Our roots are in water treatment, but expansion has led to different service offerings, such as energy solutions. We have sought to show this journey through our brand and logo moving forward whilst providing new meaning to who we are.

We respect the visual identity which has served the brand well for two decades. Therefore, included as a visual representation and reminder of where the company began, we have used the same circular elements from our old brand but repurposed them.

Our new logo symbolises our purpose to improve the world through the innovation and implementation of sustainable process engineering solutions. The minimalist depiction of the Earth’s orbit around the sun serves as a constant reminder of our goal to strive for a brighter tomorrow.


Our Team Values

Our values are what ties Team Colloide together, and they will be visible in every aspect of our company, from customer experience to internal operations. We strive to create an environment where our values are implemented, respected, recognised and celebrated.

We use our TIES symbol to reflect these.