Breaking Ground: Colloide Secures Projects on Scottish Water Chemical Dosing Framework

Our recent inclusion in the Scottish Water Chemical Dosing Framework propels us into action. This 6 year long framework encompasses the design, production, supply, installation, calibration, warranty maintenance, and training services for chemical dosing systems. These systems are designed for the controlled dosing of liquid, gas, and powder solutions, covering both new installations and the enhancement or repair of existing systems.


Dunbar Wastewater Treatment Works

The first project that Colloide are involved in as part of this framework, unfolds at Dunbar Wastewater Treatment Works, where we are collaborating with IDS Systems UK and Scottish Water. 

To tailor our solution to this specific site, we conducted a thorough site survey. Our in-house engineering team has designed a comprehensive solution that aligns with the site’s unique requirements. 

Project management now takes centre stage, ensuring a seamless execution by overseeing all aspects, including planning, scheduling, resource allocation, and risk management. 

This project marks more than just a milestone; it’s a stride towards a cleaner and more sustainable future, underlining our dedication to a brighter tomorrow. 

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Colloide’s Chemical Dosing Systems are a high performing and reliable solution for water and wastewater treatment.

Each of our Chemical Dosing Systems are engineered to meet the specific performance requirements of individual wastewater treatment plants.

Our ‘full circle’ service removes the pressure and time constraints for our clients. Read more about our Chemical Dosing Systems.

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