Colloides Road Safety Month Campaign


November marked a pivotal month at Colloide, as we dedicated 30 days to a robust Road Safety Campaign, encompassing a number of initiatives aimed at fostering awareness, education, and a collective commitment to road safety. The campaign echoed our deep-seated values, particularly considering the significant number of employees who navigate our extensive fleet on a daily basis.

Local Schools Competition and Community Giveback

One of the highlights of the month was a spirited local schools competition. Four fortunate winners were selected, and as a testament to our commitment to community, we extended donations to two deserving schools. This not only underscored our corporate responsibility but also seeded the importance of road safety education among the future custodians of our roads.

Colloide Schools Road Safety Campaign, Road Safety Month

Internal Communication for In-House Vigilance

Internally, we reached out to our teams with informative communications, delving into aspects of road safety. It wasn’t just about the rules; it was about instilling a culture of responsibility. Employees were encouraged to embody the mantra of being ‘slow, secure, sober, silent, sharp, and sustainable’ as they took to the roads, ensuring a safer commute for all.

Team Day at Limavady Premises: A Comprehensive Approach

Colloide Road Safety Campaign, Road Safety Month, Team Colloide Activities


Culminating the month, our team gathered at our new Limavady premises for a comprehensive Team Day. The agenda encapsulated an array of activities, each designed to enhance road safety awareness:

Community Policing Talk: Insights from local law enforcement on crucial safety measures.

Safe Driving Challenge: A hands-on experience to reinforce safe driving practices.

Test Your Reaction Times (Blazepods): A fun yet educational exercise in assessing reaction times.

Highway Code Quiz: A knowledge check to ensure everyone is abreast of the rules.

Vehicle Maintenance Talk: Understanding the importance of well-maintained vehicles.

Vehicle Blindspot Safety Talk: Navigating blind spots for safer driving.

Quick Tyre Change Challenge: Practical skills for emergency situations.

Hazard Perception and Emergency Stop Tests: Real-life simulations for swift and safe decision-making.


Colloide Road Safety Campaign, Road Safety Month, Team Colloide Activities


Why Road Safety Month Matters To Us

With a substantial fleet and numerous employees commuting daily, road safety becomes more than a legal obligation—it becomes a moral imperative. This month-long campaign was crucial to ingrain a culture of responsibility, ensuring that every journey our employees undertake is a testament to diligence, caution, and the highest standards of safety. As an organisation deeply embedded in the community, our commitment to road safety extends beyond our premises, influencing positive change on the roads we all share.

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