From Frankton to Finham, standard product chemical dosing systems in AMP6

Colloide design and build customised chemical storage and dosing systems for a wide range of chemicals and applications. These packages are tailored to suit clients’ requirements while adhering to WIMES Specifications, British & European Standards, Ciria and HSE guidance.

Since 2015, we have been working with Severn Trent Water to meet the challenging WFD, Phosphate reduction projects. New legislation in the Water Framework Directive introduced much tighter phosphorus limits than those which sites would have been required to meet in the past.

Colloide offer a range of technologies which can reduce phosphorous limits to 0.1 milligramme per litre which greatly reduces the amount of phosphorus discharged into streams and rivers. Time savings, associated with product standardisation and off site build, have enabled WFD projects in the region to be completed over a year ahead of schedule, with 80% of projects completed by the end of Year 3 of the 5 year framework.

Frankton Sewage Treatment Works was the project that kicked off Colloide’s AMP6 journey with Severn Trent Water. Colloide’s solution included a 2 pump package dosing system with a 5m3 storage tank to satisfy the chemical dosing requirements for the site. Through the AMP circa 100 single and multiple tank systems were delivered with tanks sizes ranging between 2m3 and 60m3. Dosing rigs containing between one and six dosing pumps, with a variety of duty and standby configurations, have been supplied to suit individual site requirements.

During the AMP one of the projects that stood out was the largest variation of the standard product delivered at Finham Sewage Treatment Works. Colloide designed, supplied, installed and commissioned a package Ferric Sulphate dosing system at Finham STW which consisted of four 60m3 chemical storage tanks and a dosing kiosk containing four pumps configured in a Duty/Duty/Duty/Common Standby arrangement.

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