Bathgate Sewage Treatment Works

Bathgate Sewage Treatment Works (STW) had been relying on a single existing sand filter as a tertiary treatment stage for the effluent, which had served its purpose for many years. However, the filter had become consistently overloaded, necessitating a refurbishment and capacity increase for the plant.

To address this challenge, Colloide stepped in to design and implement a completely new sand filter, similar in design to the existing unit. The goal was to augment the plant’s capacity by installing the new filter in parallel with the existing one, as part of the comprehensive refurbishment contract.

Colloide took charge of the entire process, designing the new filter and manufacturing and installing all the necessary mechanical and electrical components. Collaborating with EPS/Farrans, who undertook the civil works, Colloide ensured seamless integration of the new filter within the existing infrastructure.

In addition to the new filter, Colloide also undertook the refurbishment of the existing filter. This involved replacing the filter cells and media, rejuvenating the performance and extending the lifespan of the original equipment.