Cliffoney Wastewater Treatment Plant

Colloide was the main contractor appointed by Sligo County Council to design and install a packaged wastewater secondary treatment plant.

The treatment plant was designed and built as a packaged plant in two parallel streams, each one comprising an aeration tank and MBR tank. The membrane filtration process used submerged membranes.

We designed, installed and commissioned a system comprising aeration tanks, MBR systems and a containerised control building including control panel, dosing systems, blowers, permeate pump and recirculation pumps.

Project Deliverables

  • Achieve average final effluent quality levels of 10mg/l BOD5 and 10mg/l T.S.S.

  • Accommodate fluctuations in load and minimise odour.

  • Be mobile, compact and scalable.

  • Minimise running costs