Diageo pH Correction & Effluent Treatment

Ensuring Compliance: Colloide’s pH Control System for Diageo.

As part of the process for Diageo to obtain their discharge license, which was updated by Northern Ireland Water, it became crucial to monitor and control effluent limits. Extensive studies revealed that all parameters were within their respective limits, except for pH, which was fluctuating beyond the specified range.

To address this challenge, Colloide was contracted to provide Diageo with a comprehensive pH control system. The objective was to regulate the pH of the effluent leaving the plant, ensuring it consistently complied with the license limits of 5 – 10.

Colloide’s system effectively regulated and maintained the pH of the effluent, guaranteeing compliance with the stringent license requirements. By collaborating with Colloide, Diageo was able to mitigate the fluctuations in pH levels, providing greater control over their wastewater discharge.