Eaglesham Wastewater Treatment Works

Colloide, in partnership with Scottish Water and WGM Engineering Ltd, is spearheading a groundbreaking project set to transform water supply and wastewater infrastructure.

Our advanced Eaglesham Bridge Scraper system takes center stage, driving vital improvements in water supply for thousands in the city’s south-east. This kicks off a significant £26 million investment in Scottish Water’s wastewater infrastructure, contributing towards enhanced efficiency and resilience.

For deeper insights, delve into our case study, spotlighting Colloide’s pivotal role in installing the Eaglesham Bridge Scraper which contributes to the ongoing development at this Wastewater Treatment Works. Together, we’re sculpting a greener, more efficient future for Glasgow’s water landscape.

“Eaglesham is a triumph in engineering success, now operational and exceeding reliability expectations. Playing a pivotal role in enhancing water supply for the populous south-east of Glasgow, this bridge stands as a vital contributor to community well-being.”

– Simon Adams, Project Engineer