Springfield WwTW Upgrade

Colloide were appointed Mechanical & Electrical contractors as part of the overall upgrade to Springfield WWTW. Our solution included the replacement of two rotating half bridge scrapers for the works Primary Settlement Tanks (PST) and two replacement rotating half bridge scrapers for the works Humus Tanks.

Our work refurbishing and replacing the two PSTs involved:

  • Refurbishing the PST Drain Down Pumping Station.
  • Replacing 2 No. PST De-Sludge Drain Valves and Actuators with a pumped desludge system.
  • Replacement of 2No. Dosing Siphons.
  • Replacing the 4 No Bio-filter distributor arms with motorised distributors. Clearing the existing Bio-filter Media of weeds and top up. Refurb/repair walls and coping stones as specified.
  • Replacing 2 No. Original Humus Tank Scraper Bridges, Weirs & Scum Boards.
  • Refurbishing Humus Tank Drain Down Pumping Station.
  • Replacing 2 No. Humus Tank De-Sludge/ Drain Valves and Actuators.
  • Decommissioning and removing the Humus Tank De-Sludge Pumping Kiosk & Local Control Panel (LCP).
  • Removing Picket Fence Thickener from Tanks No 1 and 2. Installing Decant Valve Arrangement, External Mixer, Tanker Connection and Benching in Tank No 2.
  • Removing Covers & Supporting Steelwork from Sludge Holding Tank No. 1 and No. 2. Installing new GRP cover on Tank No. 2 and Access Platform on Tank No.1.
  • Replacing 2 No Washdown Booster Set 13. Replacing Inlet Channel Odour Covers & Extraction Pipework.

Springfield WwTW Working in collaboration with: Scottish Water | ESD

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