Reflecting on Stress Awareness Month at Colloide

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Prioritising Employee Well-being

As Stress Awareness Month comes to a close, at Colloide the Wellbeing team have been actively engaged in promoting well-being and stress management among our employees. In a world where balancing work and personal life can often feel overwhelming, we recognised the importance of equipping our team with tools to better manage stress, both at home and in the workplace. 


April Stress Awareness month, Awareness, Colloide, Employee Wellbeing, Culture Hub


What we did for Stress Awareness Month

Throughout April, we embarked on a journey to educate and support our employees, offering valuable insights and practical solutions to combat stress. Here’s a glimpse into how we marked Stress Awareness Month at Colloide:

  • Provided Stress Management Tips: We understand that stress can stem from various sources, be it deadlines at work or challenges in personal life. To empower our employees, we shared effective stress management tips tailored to different scenarios. From time management strategies to mindfulness techniques, our goal was to equip everyone with tools to navigate stress more effectively.
  • Sleep Aid Support: Recognising the pivotal role sleep plays in stress management, we offered sleep aids to those in need. Lavender bath salts, pillow mist, and soothing sleepy teas were provided to promote better sleep quality and reduce stress levels. Quality sleep is essential for rejuvenation and maintaining overall well-being.
  • Insights from Mental Health First Aiders: As part of our commitment to mental health, we invited Victoria, one of our mental health first aiders, to share valuable insights. Her talk shed light on how we can support colleagues struggling with stress. A key takeaway was the importance of non-judgmental listening—a simple yet powerful way to show empathy and offer support.

Why It Matters

At Colloide, we prioritise the health and happiness of our employees. A stress-free workplace fosters productivity and innovation. By promoting stress awareness and providing support, we aim to create an environment where our team feels valued and empowered to perform at their best.

April Stress Awareness month, Awareness, Colloide, Employee Wellbeing, Culture Hub

Culture Hub: Nurturing a Supportive Environment

At the heart of our commitment to employee wellbeing is our Culture Hub, which serves as the cornerstone of our organisational culture. The Culture Hub embodies three pillars: Wellbeing, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and Excellence. These pillars guide our efforts to create a workplace where employees can thrive personally and professionally. At Colloide, we firmly believe that our employees are our greatest asset. That’s why we prioritise their health, happiness, and professional growth. By nurturing a supportive environment through our Culture Hub. Find out more on what we have been doing in our Colloide Culture Hub 2024.

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