Energy Centre

Customised energy centres that generate heat and distribute it to buildings or district heat networks.

About The Technology

Transform the way you distribute heat with Colloide’s bespoke energy centres. Our cutting-edge technology is designed to generate heat that can be custom-distributed to buildings or district heat networks, maximizing efficiency and saving you money.

We can also incorporate CHP units within the energy centre, providing electricity along with heat and a low carbon heat and power solution.

Our energy centres are often designed to have more than one energy source, allowing the plant operator to vary the energy sources in relation to the energy demand and the best value for money at a given time. The energy sources may include:

  • Gas fired boilers.
  • Biomass boilers.
  • Heat pump.
  • Oil fired boilers.
  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP) unit.

Our centres are engineered to include the energy sources, thermal stores, instrumentation, control systems, pumping and pipework network – building in as much flexibility as possible so that the plant can be operated as efficiently as possible.

The control system is central to the system and provides the plant operator with full control over the energy centre and, with remote access available to the controls, the operator can effectively manage the energy centre from anywhere.


Why our Energy Centres?

A centralised energy centre generates energy very efficiently and more sustainably than small localised generation systems.

Water chillers and air conditioning can be engineered into the system in a way that captures waste energy, making the overall system as efficient as possible.

Flexibility allows the operator to select the most cost effective and sustainable energy source to use at a given point in time.

Incorporating energy source options ensures that there is backup available if one energy source is off line.


Energy centres have a broad range of applications as practically all buildings, require energy, whether: commercial buildings, apartment blocks, industrial factories, district heating systems, schools, leisure centres or hospitals.

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