The Heart of Colloide

Sharing appreciation with our employees

Love was in the air at Colloide as the annual Heart of Colloide celebration took place on February 14th. This Valentine’s day was more than just a day of exchanging chocolates and flowers; it was a day filled with genuine camaraderie, heartfelt gestures, and the warmth of togetherness that makes our workplace feel like a second home. 

The festivities kicked off with a burst of excitement as our amazing team came together to celebrate love in all its forms. From heartfelt lunches to thoughtful company gifts and exciting prizes, every moment was infused with the spirit of affection and appreciation for one another. 

One of the highlights of the day was the love-themed activities that brought us closer as a team. We laughed, we cheered, and we bonded over shared experiences, creating memories together. Whether it was writing appreciation notes to our colleagues or participating in fun games that tested our knowledge of each other, every activity reinforced the strong bonds that unite us as the Team Colloide family. 

But perhaps the most heartwarming aspect of the day was the simple act of giving compliments. In a world where kindness often takes a backseat to competition, taking the time to uplift and acknowledge each other’s strengths was a powerful reminder of the incredible individuals that make up our team. From praising a colleague’s creativity to acknowledging their hard work and dedication, each compliment served as a testament to the value we place on mutual respect and support. 


Culture Hub: Nurturing a Supportive Environment

At the heart of our commitment to employee wellbeing is our Culture Hub, which serves as the cornerstone of our organisational culture. The Culture Hub embodies three pillars: Wellbeing, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and Excellence. These pillars guide our efforts to create a workplace where employees can thrive personally and professionally. At Colloide, we firmly believe that our employees are our greatest asset. That’s why we prioritise their health, happiness, and professional growth. By nurturing a supportive environment through our Culture Hub. Find out more on what we have been doing in our Colloide Culture Hub 2024.

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