Why should I Install a Biomass Boiler System?

Here at Colloide we are all familiar with the long list of benefits available when converting from fossil fuel heating to renewable heating technologies such as a biomass boiler system (also known as woodchip boilers or wood pellet boilers), so we thought we’d share them with you all;

  • Reduce your carbon footprint

Biomass fuels comes in many different forms including agricultural residues, sustainable forests residues, urban and industrial residues and waste food. These fuel sources are classified as carbon neutral as they are derived from plants which extract COfrom the atmosphere, releasing no additional COto the atmosphere. Making Biomass heating hugely renewable and sustainable, with potential to become a limitless supply of energy to the world! Savings in carbon dioxide emissions will be individual, based on each user heat requirement for their wood-fuelled biomass boiler but will help the average household save 9.5 tonnes annually.

  • Reduced fuel heating overheads

Prices of traditional fuels like oil and gas are steadily increasing, with easy accessibility to biomass fuel it is deemed as a cheaper and more stable alternative.

As biomass fuel is carbon neutral and contributes towards targets for a net zero future, financial incentives are available under Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs) from the government. The level of incentive is dependent on the technology employed. The support schemes will pay biomass installers that generate and use heat for their building, as such most biomass boilers pay for their own installation and fuel costs within the first 3 years.

  • Available at off-grid locations

There is no need to be connected to utilities when installing a biomass boiler, making it the perfect solution for both heating and hot water. This provides more than one heating option in areas where gas is not available, allowing the option of choosing a natural heating resource and an increased security of energy supply.

  • Upgrade an old or inefficient system and claim money back

Whether you have a domestic or non-domestic property, biomass can earn you an attractive return on investment. Payments will be made per KW/h basis – measured via a calibrated heat meter.




Colloide plays a key role in delivering sustainable biomass solutions, we have an impressive portfolio of biomass energy projects for both the industrial and commercial heat sector across the UK and Ireland.

Our dedicated team of engineers have the capabilities to provide a full turnkey solution, covering every aspect from design to install of the biomass system.

In order to ensure that our solution is designed to deliver the required heat and run efficiently all year round, we conduct a free survey and offer a no obligation price for the switch to biomass heating.

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