Colloide achieves perfect score in Achilles audits

Colloide, once again, has demonstrated its unwavering commitment to excellence by achieving a perfect 100% in the Achilles UVDB Verify audits, reaffirming its dedication to Safety, Health, Environment, Quality (SHEQ) management systems, and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The Achilles audits are not just a validation but a comprehensive assessment of Colloide’s capabilities, setting the benchmark for industry qualification requirements.

The Achilles UVDB Verify audit process is an independent and meticulous evaluation of Colloide’s systems. It’s not merely a ‘tick box’ exercise but a rigorous two-stage assessment designed to ensure adherence to industry standards and promote continual improvement.

The first stage, conducted at Colloide’s Head Office in Cookstown, delved deep into the fabric of the organisation’s management systems. It encompassed health and safety protocols, environmental impact mitigation strategies, quality control measures, and overall management processes. This stage serves as an evaluation of Colloide’s approach to various critical aspects, laying the foundation for excellence in every operation.

The second stage, a site-based assessment at Crosshill, is where Colloide’s practices were put to the test. This on-site evaluation verifies the practical implementation of the stringent standards set by the Achilles audit. It goes beyond assessment, ensuring that Colloide not only talks the talk but indeed walks the walk. This thorough examination serves as a testament to Colloide’s commitment to performing consistently and responsibly while also caring for the environment in which it operates.

Colloide Achieves Perfect Score in Achilles Audits: A Testament to Our Excellence

This achievement isn’t an isolated success; it represents Colloide’s consistent dedication to excellence, innovation, and responsible practices. It reinforces Colloide’s position as a leader in the industry, setting the standard for others to follow. As Colloide celebrates this remarkable accomplishment, it stands poised to continue surpassing industry expectations, setting new benchmarks, and driving a culture of sustained excellence and responsibility.

“Through Achilles UVDB Verify audits, we showcase our unwavering commitment to excellence in safety, quality, and environmental responsibility. It’s our pledge to surpass industry standards and continually improve.” – Grace King, SHEQ Co-Ordinator

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