Heathfield Methane Stripping Plant

Colloide were awarded the contract to design, construct and commission a Methane Stripping Plant (MSP) at Heathfield Landfill Site for Viridor Management Limited the recycling and waste management specialist.

Colloide were responsible for providing a suitable plant to remove dissolved methane concentration to below 0.14mg/l in the leachate that they discharge to the public sewer from the site.

The MSP strips methane from the collected leachate before discharge to atmosphere. The MSP will comprise a series of aeration tanks, allowing the leachate to degas as it travels through each tank. The emissions collected from the leachate during this process are contained within the enclosed pipework before being discharged to atmosphere.

Scope of works: 

  • Design of Containerised Methane Stripping Plant. 
  • Installation of plinth and access way.
  • Installation of Prefabricated Methane stripping plant consisting of 5 tanks, 2 blowers, anti-foaming system and the associated pipework. 
  • Laying of power supply from a location to be determined by the client to the Methane stripping plant. 
  • High level walkways for access and maintenance of the Tank components.

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