Kingstone & Madley Wastewater Treatment Works : Project Updates

Colloide collaborated with Welsh Water and Morgan Sindall Construction on a significant project in Kingstone and Madley, Herefordshire, as part of the Welsh Water Chemical Dosing Framework. This project involved a Chemical Dosing System to enhance wastewater treatment by addressing phosphorus removal requirements. The system included a chemical storage tank, fill point, and dosing kiosk, with the primary goal of optimizing wastewater treatment processes.

The project addressed infrastructure dating back to the 1940s, which has seen multiple modifications to accommodate population growth. Welsh Water’s investment in the region’s wastewater infrastructure, including a £3.6 million upgrade to the Kingstone treatment plant, is part of their larger £836 million investment by 2025.

Production and Design

The initial stage of the Kingstone and Madley Chemical Dosing project demonstrates remarkable success in both production and design. Through collaborative efforts by Colloide, Welsh Water, and Morgan Sindall Construction, the Chemical Dosing system has been meticulously crafted, meeting industry standards. At Colloide Engineering Systems we collaborate with our sister company, Colloide Site Services (CSS), to preassemble equipment off-site, significantly cutting on-site construction time for a streamlined installation process.


The installation of Kingstone & Madley Chemical Dosing System proved to be a resounding success, achieved through seamless collaboration. Colloide is responsible for delivering a 5m³ chemical tank and bund via a lorry. The tank and bund will be precisely aligned and leveled in accordance with the GA drawing. The dosing kiosk will be delivered as a self-contained cabinet, housing the dosing skid, control panel, and distribution boards. Additionally, the chemical fill point will be a separate assembly, lifted independently. Colloide will transport the kiosk and chemical dosing equipment on a lorry, with the offloading and equipment placement detailed in specific Lift Plans.

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Testing and Commissioning

To ensure a smooth and efficient commissioning process, it’s vital to have the client commissioning engineer present on-site before commencing commissioning activities. This proactive approach guarantees that any issues can be promptly addressed. After the testing phase, it’s equally important to sign the Site Acceptance Test (SAT) documents and document any snags to maintain the quality and integrity of the infrastructure. Additionally, prior to initiating any pressure testing, it is essential to obtain the necessary permit from the site manager or engineer. These precautionary steps reflect our unwavering commitment to delivering high-performance infrastructure that plays a pivotal role in enhancing water supply and wastewater management, ensuring the reliability and effectiveness of our systems.

Kingstone & Madley, Chemical Dosing, Welsh Water, Wastewater Treatment, Colloide Engineering, Wales

Why choose Colloide?

we provide custom-designed systems tailored to specific site and client requirements. With established relationships with a wide array of component suppliers and access to cutting-edge technologies, we offer adaptable standard packaged systems that reduce on-site work. Moreover, our commitment to health, safety, and environmental protection, including bunding, dual containment, splash protection, leak detection, and comprehensive training, ensures your peace of mind. Click here to find out more about our Chemical Dosing Systems.

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