Landfill Leachate Treatment at Colloide

Landfill leachate is the liquid that exists as part of waste in a landfill. This is usually a result of rainwater entering the landfill but can also be due to the natural decomposition of organic material along with other liquids and chemicals that have been discarded.

Rain falling on the top of the landfill is the main contributor to the generation of leachate and is by far the largest contributor for modern sanitary landfills which do not accept liquid waste. The environmental risks of leachate generation arise from it escaping into the environment around landfills, particularly to watercourses and groundwater.

Landfill leachate is a complex wastewater effluent with a high variability in its physico-chemical characteristics. Proper treatment of this type of water, therefore, requires significant attention.

Our wide portfolio of innovative technologies allow for the best solution to be applied. Our technology solutions are engineered to meet the specific performance requirements of individual projects.

Our Experience

Craigmore Landfill – Colloide Sequential Batch Reactor Install

Colloide Engineering Systems were contracted by RiverRidge Recycling to complete the design and build of a new Leachate Treatment plant for Craigmore Landfill Site.

The Leachate treatment plant upgrade required a contractor to provide one of three options to treat up to 120m3 / day of leachate arriving in from the various cells of the landfill site. The plant had to achieve discharge consent levels as specified by Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) primarily ammonia levels of 40mg/l.

Colloide’s scope of works included the integration of a new leachate treatment plant to an existing leachate treatment works in order to meet the trade effluent consent standards. Colloide’s solution involved the installation of a Sequential Batch Reactor (SBR) process for the new treatment plant.

Ballyfodrin Leachate Treatment Plant Upgrade Award

Colloide Engineering Systems were contracted as a specialist Mechanical and Electrical Engineering subcontractor by TAL Civil Engineering. Enviros acted as the Client representatives and process engineering consultants on this project for Craigavon Borough Council. Colloide were responsible for the detailed M&E design, supply, installation and commissioning of the leachate treatment plant. TAL acted as main contractor and carried out the civil engineering works. The first stage of work on this site can be seen in our original case study.

Colloide returned to this site after another award was received in order to upgrade the Leachate Treatment Plant.

The new tertiary treatment system is capable of treating a minimum of 40m3 a day and a maximum of 90 m3/ day of leachate deriving from the Leachate Treatment Plant. Discharge of leachate to the reed is maintained at approximately 1 litre/second as per current standards.

Colloide Featured Image for Drehid Landfill Site

Drehid Landfill Site

Colloide were appointed by Tal Civil Engineering to supply and install M&E equipment at Drehid Landfill Site for Bord Na Mona. Colloide were awarded to complete phrases 7-10 that included:

  • Phase 7-8: Supply, installation and commission of a tertiary sand filter and aeration system for 2no aeration tanks.
  • Phase 9-10: Leachate pumps and controls, pneumatic value system, stairway, actuated valve, control panel and PLC work.

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