Presteigne Wastewater Treatment Works

Colloide collaborated with Welsh Water and Morgan Sindall Construction on a significant project at Presteigne Wastewater Treatment Works. This project involved a Chemical Dosing System to satisfy the phosphorus removal requirements of the project. The chemical dosing system consists of a chemical storage tank, chemical fill point and dosing kiosk. The main goal of the project was to optimise wastewater treatment processes.

Over the span of 18 months, Welsh Water has been engaged in a substantial £8 million project aimed at upgrading the wastewater network in Norton and Presteigne. As part of this initiative, assets have been systematically upgraded to improve the treatment of wastewater at the Presteigne treatment works. While the facility previously maintained a high standard in treating wastewater from the surrounding area, the planned enhancements have further elevated the treatment process, which is where Colloide has stepped in.

This comprehensive project not only benefits customers by ensuring a higher quality of treated wastewater but also contributes to the overall improvement of river quality in Presteigne and the surrounding environment. The £8 million investment underscores Welsh Water’s commitment to modernising wastewater infrastructure for the benefit of both the community and ecological well-being.

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