Lamella Separator Systems: Heigham Water Treatment Works (WTW)

World leading energy provider GE Power and Water (SUEZ) awarded Colloide the contract to supply a Lamella Settler System for Heigham Water Treatment Works in Norwich. This project was completed in May 2018 on time and to the original agreed value.



Scope of work

The scope of works included a 3-stream system, an integrated platform with access to stairs, flocculation tank and splitter tank.

This 3-stream system was installed to handle a peak flow of 9,800m3/day. Colloide included a flow splitter chamber to split the flows evenly to 4 streams (1 future stream) and pipework from between this tank and the clarifiers.

Covers were installed on the flocculation and clarifier tanks which also act as walkways over the complete area. Colloide have included a system to drain surface water off the tanks which is then returned to the treatment process.

This project included a full set of stainless steel lamella settlers which are certified to DWI standards. These are mounted within stainless steel tanks with flocculation tanks upstream of these settlers. Sludge is collected under the lamella settlers and concentrated up to 3% DrySolids.

Technical Information

Download our Case Study on Heigham Water Treatment Works (WTW) Lamella Clarifiers to find out more.


Why choose Colloide?

Colloide Engineering Systems are one of a few Lamella Separator Package (LSF) suppliers that are in the list of Approved Products and Processes for use in Public Water Supply published by the DWI and our systems can be designed in a wide range of sizes and configurations to suit the individual needs of each of our clients. The clarifier can be used as a standalone system, taking the full plant flow, with or without additional equipment such as sand filters, screens, etc. Learn more about the features and benefits of this technology or view our short video on how Lamella Separator Systems work.

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